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Southern Dragon Kung Fu (Lung Ying Kuen)


Our school specializes in Southern Dragon Kung Fu (Lung Ying Kuen), but also rotates practices in Bak Mei and Southern Praying Mantis. Sifu Andrew Chung has been practicing and teaching these traditional forms for over 50 years, learning from grandmasters who have been passing down the art form through many generations in Southern China.

Like many of the Southern Kung Fu styles, Lung Ying focuses on short and medium range combat. It uses both 'hard' (external) and 'soft' (internal) techniques to advance, strike, defend, parry, and the practitioner will utilize a rooted stance and footwork characterized by a 'zig zag' triangular pattern. Power is generated from the hip and back, and strikes are delivered quickly from the center and to the left/right at 33 degree angles.


“Control yourself, let others do what they will.

This does not mean you are weak.

Control your heart, obey the principles of life.

This does not mean others are stronger.”



Lung Ying Kuen was developed by Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai, who was born in 1877 in Huìyáng County in the prefecture of Huizhou in Guangdong Province, China. The original teachings can be traced back to a monk named Daai Yuk from a temple in the sacred mountain Luófúshan, who passed the fundamental art form to Lam Yiu Gwai. Lung Ying Kuen is therefore a combination of the monk's teachings and the local styles of the Hakka heartland in inland eastern Guangdong. He then established several martial arts schools with his son, Lam Woong Gong, and close friend, Cheung Lai Chuen, grandmaster of Bak Mei. 

Sifu Chung Demonstration

Lum Gar Lung Ying Kuen Forms

Level 1

Sup Luk Dong

Sup Ji Kuen
Chut Sik San Sao

Saam Bo Toi
Saam Tung Gor Kiu

Dan Bin Gow Jiu

Bik Bo Soi Kiu

Ying Jow

Dan Do Pi Mah

Sei Moon Chai

Long Ying Mor Kiu

Level 2

Bo Bo Toi

Sam Bo Toi

Mang Fu Tiu Cheung

Fah Gik

Duk Sei Toe Hey

Duk Sei Lem Lei

Larp Ng Ying

Level 3 (Black Belt)

Sup Ji Larp Ng Ying

Ng Mah Gwai Cho

Mang Fu Ha San

Jo Yau Lin Wan

Sup Baat Mor Kiu

Mui Fa Kuen

Sifu Level

Siu Mui Fa Kuen

Dai Mui Fa Kuen

Mui Fa Chut Lo

Other Training Sets

Saam Bo Jin

Sup Baat Sau

Sup Baat Dim

Sifu Level

Saam Sup Luk Dim

Chut Sup Yi Dim

Yat Bak Ling Baat

Jik Bo Kuen

Sup Ji Kow Da Kuen

Saam Mun Kuen

Ying Jow Nim Kiu

Saam Mun Bat Gwa

Say Mun Bat Gwa

Gow Bo Toi

Sifu Level

Sup Baat Mor Kiu

Mang Foo Chat Lum

Ng Hung Mor Kiu

Kung Fu Instructions

Private and semi-private lessons available.

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